Rockman 500 Power Amplifier sold only w/Head Case

Production: Approximately 50 units
Suggested list price: $1160.00
Dealer price: $699.00

The Rockman 500 Power Amplifier sold only w/Head Case. It was made by Carver Inc. model number PM-175. SR&D made a few modifications to the amp including a limiting circuit and a switchable Eq circuit that boosts the high and lows to mimic a full-range speaker when using normal guitar speakers. Also direct output jacks were mounted on the rear for stage use. SR&D hand dated these units with a felt marker under the removeable top (inside) at the time they modified the Amps. Power output 250 watt stereo into 4 ohms; 185 watt stereo into 8 ohms.

Stage Use

Prolific use on the BoSToN stage. All stacks are monitored using the Rockman 500.


A rare Rockman collectable that has high demand. Although it was only sold with the Rockman Headcase, it is frequently found alone. A good strong amp that does not get too hot.

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