Rockman Ultimatum A12-50

Production: ? units
Suggested list price: n/a
Dealer price: n/a

The Rockman A12-50 was produced in limited numbers. It was one of the last new products to come out of SR&D before the Rockman line was sold to Dunlop Mfg. Like the footpedal version, it did include the tape-saturation circuit that was the key to "Ultimatum Distortion". For a small amp, it was VERY loud. Tom has said that he, "loved that little amp!"

On Stage

The A12-50 is not used on the BoSToN stage.


The A12-50 is a semi-rare amp, but they are out there. They are desirable because they represent the intended direction of the Rockman sound in a combo amp design. Also, the unique distortion characteristics added by the tape saturation "Growl" circuit are a subtle but desirable effect.

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