Change Log

01/20/2019 Began making changes to reopen
07/13/2012 Added 2008 Tour Rack Pictures.
12/29/2007 Added Rockman Gear Up Forum to links.
12/28/2007 Re-Opened!!!
10/06/2005 Closed the RockmanCentral Forum.
08/10/2005 Added Guestbook Links menu option and archived guestbook entries
03/09/2005 Added Patent docs locally and removed link to Patent Office
02/05/2005 Added the link to US Patent Seach for Tom Scholz
01/16/2005 Added the Articles section starting with "A Normal Life"
12/06/2004 Partially opened the Buy/Sell section
12/05/2004 Added the new RockmanCentral Discussion Group!
12/03/2004 Changed the Superhead photo to a guest-contributed photo
11/28/2004 Added donation buttons, change log.

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