Rockman Stereo Chorus / Delay

Production: Approximately 6,800 units (1985-1987)
Suggested list price: $
Dealer price: $

The Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay dual module was designed with a custom modulation waveform to sonically mimic Scholz's famous "Doubler". The mix modes provide four levels of true stereo, not just phase inverted outputs like most analog units. Warm, all analog circuitry coupled with the most advanced noise reduction make this a Rockman classic. Activating the Long Chorus while playing will result in a "whoosh" sound because the extra delay time of the Long Chorus was accomplished by varying the delay clock rate. Limited in range but great for classic true Stereo guitar.

On Stage

All Boston guitarists use the Chorus/Delay module except Scholz.


The Rockman Stereo Chorus /Delay were produced in large quantities and are easy to find. The Chorus /Delay and the Model 100 Sustainor were the first two modules made by SR&D. Some collectors prefer this early unit.

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