Rockman Stereo Chorus

Production: 6,765 units (1987-1994)
Suggested list price: $179.00
Dealer price: $108.00
Revisions: Three (3)

All analog circuitry coupled with the most advance noise reduction make this a truly classic variation of the fabulous Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay module, the Rockman Stereo Chorus module provides footswitchable time delays (2) and a modulation stop. The custom modulation waveform sonically mimics Scholz's famous "Doubler". The Mix modes provide four levels of true stereo, not just phase inverted outputs like most analog units. The "wide" and "long" footswitch options work very well. Activating the Long Chorus while playing no longer produces the "Whoosh" sound since they added a delay chip. Compared to other manufacturers chorus products, this unit is limited in scope as to what you can do with it. But what you can do is consistently create a great stereo doubled guitar.

On Stage

This is Scholz's Chorus du jour on stage. He is the only one using it. Always playing in "wide" chorus, "long" time delay and modulation set at "norm". The only footswitchable variation used is "long" to "norm" time delay. Like the Echo, the input switch is set at -6 and pushed to flicker the yellow led but never the red led. All other Boston guitarists use the Chorus/Delay module.


The Rockman Stereo Chorus are common units and easy to find. Prices are in about the Dealer price on the collector market.

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