Rockman Distortion Generator

Production: Approximately 11,500 units (1987-1994)
Suggested list price: $199.95
Dealer price: $120.00

The Rockman Distortion Generator module is basically a trimmed down version of the Rockman Sustainor utilizing the Distortion circuits (no Clean modes). Like a Sustainor on steroids, the maximum Sustain and Distortion Harmonic levels of the Distortion Generator are higher than the maximums for the Sustainor. The Sustainor offers lower levels with more control and more user features. Late model production after mid June included the Double IC "Lead Leveler®" faster compressor revision also found in the Late Model 200 Double IC Sustainors.

Best utilized with a pair of Rockman 12 Band Equalizers (pre and post-distortion). This module was designed and developed to capture portions of the distortion footpedal market segment below the pricy Sustainor.

Stage Use

Not used by BoSToN on stage.


With the Rockman Sustainor readily available at prices just a notch or two higher, demand for the Distortion Generator is justifiably low.

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