Rockman Equalizer

Production: Approximately 8,000 units (1987-1994)
Suggested list price: $199.95
Dealer price: $120.00
Revisions: Three (3)

The Rockman 12 Band Instrument Equalizer module is a very underrated unit. Seven of the twelve frequency bands are positioned 1/2 octave apart in the crucial mid-range frequencies. It has excellent group delay / phase distortion characteristics, not often found even in the high end Equalizers. Passive noise circuitry makes it ideal for pre-distortion use. A pair (pre and post distortion) are an absolute must for controlling the Sustainor or Distortion Generator.

On Stage

On the Boston stage there are several Rockman 12 Bands Equalizers. Without the advent of the PGE2 you would see banks of them. In Scholz's lead setups, he uses a pair of 12 Bands (both pre and post distortion) in conjunction with each PGE2. If he wants to adjust his tone for a particular concert venue, he uses the 12 band Equalizers to affect a change. This way he does not have to edit each PGE2 program and re-edit each program to remove adjustments. Pihl leaves his PGE2 programs set as is. More 12 bands are used to adjust the Sustainor for Scholz's acoustic and Delp's set up.


These collectable units can be hard to locate at times. Non-Rockman guitar players are realizing their value for low noise and superior control. Sometimes found with broken sliders which are no longer produced and almost unavailable.

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