Rockman Stereo Echo

Production: Approximately 6,700 units (1987-1994)
Suggested list price: $249.95
Dealer price: $150.00
Revisions: Three (3)

Created to capture the warmth of the old analog tape delay units in a footswitchable package, the Rockman Stereo Echo module is one awesome Echo. Epitomizing the SR&D decree of simple units to perform specific complex tasks. Scholz's years of constant experimentation produced its "given" parameters. Asymmetrical delay times allow for playing to virtually any beat without the echoed notes obscuring the rhythm. The Echos were costly for SR&D to build, but few corners were cut.

Pihl Echo Modification

SR&D employee Bob Cedro modifed two (2) Stereo Echos for Pihl for use while playing rhythm. One resides in Stage Head 1 and the other was located by a Rockman collector. The modification created a new footswitchable function where the Echo volume sliders are disabled and a -10 db signal is substituted in each channel. A yellow LED was installed into the faceplate to indicate the status of the volume function. Pihl sets his Echo up for louder echo volume for lead playing, and uses the footswitchable -10 db cut for rhythm playing to create a "wash" type reverb.

On Stage

The Echo module is only used by Scholz and Pihl in their Lead setups, one in each Lead Head. Note that there are no reverbs used on any BoSToN guitars, just the four (4) Echos.


Not rare but quite desirable across the realm. The Rockman Echo is sought after by many non-Rockman players, and a prerequisite for recreating the classic Boston guitar sound. Getting increasingly scarce, this sure-fire Rockman collectable often commands a suggested list price in today's used market.

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