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RockmanCentral is an unofficial website that was developed for Rockman enthusiasts and is dedicated to Tom Scholz for his vision and to the Electronic Engineers who made the Scholz Research and Development Rockman product line a reality. The primary focus of RockmanCentral is the identification of the Rockman products used by BoSToN and how they used them. It took decades of hard work to accumulate this information. Using normal channels, investigative techniques, and personal contacts, the information was verified using at least two sources, sticking to the facts and avoiding opinions. RockmanCentral was the first comprehensive description of Rockman gear in one place on the Internet. Later, other great sites such as emerged and provided even more detailed explanations of the electronic theory behind this innovative product line. Though we have access to the schematics for most of the Rockman products produced and many of the old SR&D Engineering Change Notification (ECNs), that information remains the property of Dunlop Mfg. and is not within our rights to redistribute, so be advised that requests for schematics will by necessity be ignored. However, they do help us in explaining some of the technical details of the products and we offer some of that here for those interested. Information such as production totals, specific dates, revisions, etc. presented here are "best known" and not "absolute fact" since we do not have complete access to the SR&D files. Further, not all Rockman items are used on the BoSToN stage, hence readers will not find an inclusive Rockman product line. There are of course some deviations from the primary focus for the sake of interest.

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