Rockman MIDI Octopus

Production: Approximately 6,200 units (1988-1994)
Suggested list price: $259.95
Dealer price: $156.00

The Rockman MIDI Octopus module provides MIDI switching capability to 1/4 inch jack footwitchable functions. Eight effects can be turned on or off simultaneously. Can be used in conjunction with the Remote Loop Box or Dual Remote Loop Module to:

On Stage

The MIDI Octopus module is used by all guitarists (except Delp) on the BoSToN stage. Not used in Scholz's acoustic setup. Controlled by the Rockman MIDI Pedal.


The Rockman Octopus is common and readily available. Used by a wide variety of musicians. The Rockman Remote Loop boxes needed to control non-footswitchable devises can be real hard to locate and expensive for what they are.

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