Tom Scholz Programmable Equalizer PGE 2

Production: 99 units
Suggested list price: $899.95
Dealer price: $540

The Tom Scholz Studio Series PGE2 Two Channel Programmable Equalizer is a very rare unit. The PGE2 is two (2) fourteen band equalizers in one box. The seven mid-range bands are 1/2 octave apart for more control where it's needed. The four (4) bass and three (3) treble bands are one octave apart for smoother tone shaping. Memory of programs are stored digitally but the sound put through it remains in the analog domain. The sound is not digitized or converted in any way. The original memory "battery" on the PGE2 units are beginning to fail. Replacements are still available in from

There was controversy within SR&D as to whether this unit should be produced. Marketing employees advised against its production. But Scholz really wanted this equalizer, which is why they were made. It remains Scholz's favorite equalizer even to the point of seeking more today. Interesting to note that one SR&D employee stated they lost about $200 on each equalizer sold due to cost over runs.

Serial numbers for the PGE2 were hand written on the rear panel production label. Starting with the first unit serial number 1001 and ending with 1099, the 99th unit.

On Stage

All BoSToN guitarists use the PGE2 except Delp and not used in Scholz's acoustic setup. Scholz and Pihl both use the PGE2 Programmable Stereo Equalizer to control the tone and distortion levels of their Sustainors. Tone levels and particularly the output level from the Left Channel of the PGE2, which is in the Pre-Distortion Loop of each Sustainor, dictates how much distortion their Sustainors generate.


The Tom Scholz Studio Series PGE2 Equalizer is without a doubt the rarest and most difficult SR&D production units to find. A fantastic tool and possibly SR&Ds greatest product. Coveted by Rockman collectors. Very difficult to find one for sale at any price. Even Scholz is looking for them.


Digitech MEQ Dual 14 to PGE2 Modification

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