Tom Scholz Programmable Parametric Equalizer PPE 2

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The Tom Scholz Studio Series PPE2 would have been a programmable parametric EQ similar to the elusive PGE2, but with even more precise control. We can only speculate as to its features, but knowing that a parametric EQ typically uses 3 controls for each band (frequency, Q and level), that can help us guess how it would have been configured.

Assuming SR&D would have used the same basic faceplate design as the PGE2, that gives us 15 programmable level controls for each channel, though one is used for the channel volume control. So, taking the 14 programmable band controls and using 3 for each band of parametric EQ, that gives us a possible 4 bands of parametric EQ, with 2 programmable level controls left over. These remaining 2 could have been easily configured for use as low and high shelving, allowing the 4 parametric bands to be used for the mid ranges where they would have been most effective.

We don't know how far it got in it's design, but we know that at least the marketing department was planning for its release.

Special Thanks to "KingPaul" for this SR&D Memo!!

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