Production Rockman Stack

Production: Approx. 50 units
Suggested list price: $3,865.95
Dealer price: $2,319.00

The Production Rockman Headcase was built by Randall. It was basically a power strip in a five (5) rack space box for an updated Marshall look. The Headcase by itself was not available from SR&D. It was only sold with the Rockman 500 Stereo Amplifier. Rockmodules, the XPR series, and even the Studio Series units were installed in the remaining three (3) rack spaces as ordered. Hence the description Rockman Modular Amplifier. Interesting to note that modules factory installed in production Headcases were the latest and greatest that SR&D had to offer. Some Headcases had factory installed REV19 and REV20 Sustainors.

Compared to the Prototype Headcases, the Production Headcases were made from particle board, not cabinet wood. The black alluminum SR&D faceplate for the jack section was thinner and did not have the white line painted around the perimeter. Also the rack rails were screwed to the headcase walls wereas Prototypes had "shock mount" rack rails. Production Headcases were deeper than the Prototypes measuring 13.25 inches. This was to facilitate installation of the Rockman 500 Amplifier. Later issue Headcases (circa 1991-1994) were only 12.75 inches deep. The last noteable difference from the Prototype was the absence of the Rockman logo on the side handles. To protect the rear of the rack units and clean up the look of the Headcase from the rear there was a removeable velcro T-back cover. Additional protection in the form of an optional padded gortex travel cover was available for $40.

Production Speakers

Production: Appx 100 units
Suggested list price: $799.95 ea.
Dealer price: $480.00 ea.

The Rockman Full Range Speaker Cabinets were built by Randall. Equipped with a Motorola Piezo tweeter, a JBL or Peavey Eminence ten (10) inch midrange driver, and a fifteen (15) inch Peavey Black Widow or Eminence woofer. Custom electronic crossovers were Peavey Type 1 or SR&D Type 2. All Peavey crossovers were manufactured on circuit boards dated February 14, 1985. When the Peavy crossover inventory was depleated, SR&D made their own rather crude crossovers. So the latter issue Rockman Speakers had the SR&D made crossovers. Full size Rockman logos were stenciled onto the front grille by Randall and special Rockman lables applied to the rear jackplate.

Stage Use

Several production Headcase and Speakers have replaced several Prototype units.


On the collector market Stacks are worth their weight in gold. And prices will probably continue to rise given their rarity and desireablity to Rockman/Boston collectors.

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