Rockman Ultimatum

Production: 1 unit
Suggested list price: n/a
Dealer price: n/a

The Rockman Ultimatum rack unit was never released to the public. The image above, although once believed to be computer generated image, has been declared "authentic" by a trusted source. It is an image of the one and only prototype unit created for Tom Scholz. This unit was based on the popular XPR unit, although several changes were made, including changes to the pre-distortion filtering. This is probably the unit that Tom played through on his "Hyerspace Pedal Blues" performance during an interview.

From left to right, the functions are listed as follows:
Compressor, 3 Band Pre-Distortion EQ, Clean/Distortion Range, Growl, Chorus, Auto Cln, Smart Gate, Output EQ and Volume. Growl is the actual tape-saturation circuit that made the Ultimatum unique. SR&D had opted to do away with the Reverb/Delay section of the XPR series and include instead the Auto Clean circuit and the Smart Gate circuit. This unit would have most definitly been a very popular processor had SR&D actually produced them.

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