Rockman XP100

Production: n/a
Suggested list price: $1179.00
Dealer price: $707.00

The Rockman XPR and XPRa were also available in a "boom box" configuration with a 100 Watt amplifier and two detachable 6-inch Pyle speakers. A seldomly noticed difference between the rack version and the amplifier versions is that the rack version has a slightly longer delay time, up to 340 ms on the rack version verses only 220 ms on the amps.

On Stage

The XP100 is not used on the BoSToN stage.


The Rockman XP100 was produced in moderate quantities due to their large price tag so they are slightly harder to find than the standard XPR. The sheer convenience of having the on board amplifier and speakers in such a small (but heavy) package make them very popular. And like the XPRa, the XP100a model was produced in even more limited quantities making them prized possessions by those lucky enough to find one.

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