Rockman XPR

Production: 2,791 units
Suggested list price: $849.95
Dealer price: $510.00

The Rockman XPR was SR&D's response to the many "Multi Effectors" that were coming out in the late 1980's. It incorporated the key Rockman Modules into a single-spaced rack unit with full MIDI capability, and is one of Boston Guitarist Gary Pihl's favorite Rockman creations. An interesting point is that although the XPR was released after the Sustainor and Distortion Generator Modules, the distortion circuit and tone more closely resembles the original Rockman X100.

The actual signal path of the unit differs slightly from the order on the faceplate. In reality, the signal path is as follows: the 3 band EQ is first in the chain, followed by the compressor, clean/distortion stages, 5 Band EQ, and loop. The return from the loop feeds the chorus and delay stage, and the 3 signals are later mixed together in parallel. This signal is then sent to the direct out's and to the Master Out section where the tone can be fine tuned and the level adjusted.

On Stage

The XPR is not used on the BoSToN stage.


The Rockman XPR was produced in fairly large quantities so they are pretty easy to find. Although they don't have the flexibility of the Rockmodules, the XPR has it's own unique tone based on the "high gain" approach. Combined with it's compact design and MIDI interface, it is a popular unit for those who want to avoid the cost and complexity of the Rockmodule series.

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