Rockman XPRa

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The Rockman XPRa is basically the same as the XPR, but was aimed at professionals because of modifications to the circuitry and the use of higher quality parts, which made it significantly quieter than the XPR.

Tom Scholz has an XPRa used in conjunction with a Smart Gate, Stereo Chorus/Delay, and Stereo Echo (the latter 2 controlled by a MIDI Octopus) in his studio. He powers 2 Rockman Speaker cabinets with a Rockman 500 amplifier with this setup.

On Stage

The XPRa is not used on the BoSToN stage.


The Rockman XPRa was produced in limited quantities so they are much harder to find than the standard XPR. The real collectability comes from those who want the tone and benefits of the XPR while maintaining a respectable signal to noise ratio.

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