Gary Pihl

Gary Pihl's primary guitar is a Jackson with EMG pickups. His signal path goes from the guitar to the Sustainor, and from the Sustainor's send to the MXR Pitch Shifter, then to the Delta Labs Effectron (Gary's version of the Hyperspace Pedal), the left channel of the PGE 2 and back to the Sustainor's return. From the Sustainor's output, the signal goes to the right channel of the PGE 2, then to the Smart Gate, Stereo Chorus/Delay and finally the Stereo Echo. Gary's Stereo Echo has been modified so that he has added control over the echo volume. By activating a footswitch, he can set the echo volume to -10 db which is great for rhythm playing. There is a yellow LED to the right of the printed "Echo Vol" that indicates its use.

If you would like to read the old page about his guitar setup from the mid to late 90's, click here


Primary Rack

Backup Rack


Gary (and lead singer Tommy DeCarlo) also plays keyboards for several songs...

Gary's Keyboards

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