The "Hyperspace Pedal"

One of the most sought after effects Tom uses is his Hyperspace Pedal. Many a fan has speculated on how Tom is creating these sounds, and how he controls the Echoplex to get them. I personally have spent over 20 years researching this incredible effect. As previously mentioned, Tom uses a modified Echoplex to get the thundering pickslides and spaceship sounds heard on the Boston albums and live in concert. For a greater understanding of why this effect is so special, listen to Tom playing his "Hyperspace Pedal Blues" live in his studio. For those of you who would like to have Tom make an appearance in your recordings, you might want to try "flying in" some of the short samples below. (You can also click here if you would like to hear one of my versions of the Hyperspace Pedal.)

Hyperspace Pedal Blues

Thundering Pickslide


Multiple UFO's


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