Tom Scholz

Modern Pedal Board

Tom's current Pedal board setup includes three Rockman Midipedals (one set for 1 through 5, another for 6 through 10, and a third for 11 through 15) that are MIDI merged using an Anatek Pocket Merge. Tom has said that he now mostly uses the same sound (tone) throughout, but he has these patches setup for different volume levels so that he can ensure a proper mix for the various parts of the songs. There is an extra footswitch used for tweaking the EQ of his Hyperspace signal (?) and another used for activating chorus on his vocals. Also at his feet (not pictured) is a Wha pedal and of course, his "Hyperspace Pedal".

The signal from the guitar goes into a Remote Loop Box that has been modified with a toggle switch for manually bypassing the loop, which contains a Wah pedal. The output of the Remote Loop Box goes to the modified Maestro Echoplex EP3, which is the basis of his Hyperspace Pedal. The output of the Echoplex goes to the top head in Rack "B" where he has a homemade manual switching device that can be used to select between his primary and backup setups.

Rockman Modular Amplifiers

Tom uses a very rare revision of the Model 200 Rockman Sustainor, called a "Rev 20". The major difference between this revision and the others is that instead of a "Preamp Gain" slider, it has a "Pre Treb" slider. Also, the Autoclean circuitry is different and much more responsive than most other Sustainor revisions. Tom only uses 2 modes of the Sustainor: Edge and Clean. In the effects loop of the Sustainor, he has the left channel of the PGE 2 and an Instrument Equalizer. After the Sustainor, the signal goes into the right channel of the PGE 2, another Instrument Equalizer, the Stereo Chorus and finally the Stereo Echo. Somewhere in here Tom is now using a Drawmer Dual Noise Gate, most likely with one channel setup pre-distortion and the other before the Stereo Chorus. Note that Tom no longer uses the Ultimatum Distortion module live.

Once the signal has been processed through all of the modules, it is fed into another homemade box that converts the signal into an XLR signal which is run to the house mixing board. The Rockman 500 Power Amps in the heads and the many Rockman Speaker Cabinets on stage are no longer used for monitoring on stage since all the band members now use in-ear monitors.

If you would like to read the old page about his guitar setup from the mid to late 90's, click here

(Primary Rack)

(Backup Rack)

Tom's Organ

Of course Tom is also a virtuoso on the keyboards, and BoSToN's music is filled with him demostrating his talent. To bring those sounds live to the stage requires racks of additional equipment, as you can see here below.

Piano and Organ Leslie Primary Rack

Piano and Organ Leslie Backup Rack

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